2012 and beyond

Beginning at the solstice in December of 2012 New Energy will come through the black hole at Galactic Center (Hunab Ku to the Mayans) and then via the Sun to enter the Earth towards the end of December. It will repeat what happened earlier when the solar wind stopped in 1999. http://science.nasa.gov/newhome/headlines/ast13dec99_1.htm.

The electrons that are the solar wind will stop. It will stop for three days, as that energy which has come through the black hole from the dark matter mirror image galaxy on the other side of the black hole imprints these new patterns upon Earth.

During those three days this energy will completely alter the particles on Earth. They will be transformed. It will be like an explosion into every particle on Earth, and human beings even, where the electrons will have more space in between them. The planet will be re-patterned.

There will be many who will not be able to withstand the change in the energy pattern because they have done no preparation. And if their bodies have not been cleared and they are filled with, as you call it, stuck energy from the past, they will perish during those three days.

It’s not a punishment mind you. It’s just that they will not – mind the physical – will not be able to be supported with the change in the energy. Just because this energy has come does not mean that every soul who is here on this planet will survive.

They all have the opportunity to ascend.

But those who have not worked on this process will not survive the pressure against the physical. The changing in the cells will be too much for them. Those who have prepared or have been attempting to prepare will have cells that are crystalline.

Those who have not prepared at all, their cells will be carbon based and they will not be able to survive under this great pressure. They will die from it.

Those who are of the dark, who have no intention of moving towards the light, will not be able to exist in these energies either.

So the good news is everyone has the opportunity to ascend. And the good news is those who perish will reincarnate in another place where the energies will be similar.

This is the justice of the moment, in a sense. Those who have worked will receive their reward. Those who have not will receive also what they didn’t give. Each will have their own result. We will enter a new vibrational level or dimension, often referred to as the fifth dimension

Known as a magician of time, he understood mathematics, or numbers, as a type of language that transcends the subjectivity of human verbal experience. His sentiment “All is number. *God is a number. God is in All.” is an intriguing way to catalogue the Maya’s message that we are intimately linked with and informed by the Galaxy. All of life is ordered by the same basic, re-occurring patterns.
*In the Yucatec Mayan language, the word “Hunab Ku” means Source
– The One, Giver of Movement and Measure, the galactic center, “God”.

Pacal Votan’s prophetic call is alerting present-day humanity that our biological process is transforming, approaching the culmination of a 12,500 year evolutionary program. It brings in the return of universal telepathy, heightened sense capacity, and self-reflective consciousness, which is a return to the sacred domain of our inner technology.

Many skills will be rediscovered. Bi-location. Teleporting. The ability to move between timelines, to revisit the past and change it for a better NOW. To step into different futures and try them on.

To manifest in physical reality. And much, much more….